Peru’s casinos slated to reopen in August

Peru Tourism coronavirus reopening slated
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The president of Peru’s National Chamber of Tourism, Carlos Canales Anchorena, has stated that the country’s casinos will not reopen until August.


“In July we will restart internal tourism, working with PromPerú, with a strong promotional campaign and attractive credit lines,” he stated, adding that the new initiative will be called Turismo Para Todos (Tourism for Everyone). “Without this, tourism will collapse.” Canales Anchorena reported that Peru’s minister for national production, Rocío Ingred Barrios Alvarado, has indicated that the country’s coronavirus restrictions will be lifted in three phases. Tourism is included in phase three and will be able to resume after 15 June.

Nevertheless, the country’s gaming industry will be forced to wait a further two months until it is able to resume operations. “The casino and slots sector is the most regulated of all touristic activities and generates 10,000 jobs. That sector – according to the Ministry of Production – …will reopen in August,” he clarified.

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