Petr Korpusenko: “2020 will see us carrying out even more integrations with new partners worldwide”

TVBET Petr Korpusenko
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TVBET presented its leading live games including Keno, JokerBet, 1Bet, and Backgammon at this year’s ICE London, while the company also demonstrated its new turn-key Betting Shop solution. Casino Review spoke to CEO Petr Korpusenko about the company’s big plans for 2020.


Casino Review: Which products and solutions did you present at this year’s ICE?

Petr Korpusenko: At ICE we demonstrated four of our live studios, two of which were streaming directly to our website, allowing players to place bets in real-time.

With our live studios, we’ve really bridged the gap between betting and live casino games. One of our aims for this year’s ICE was to highlight the quality of our overall product offering, and in particular our cutting-edge streaming technology.

We now have 11 different fast live games including Wheel of Fortune, PokerBet, War of Elements, 5Bet, Lucky6, 7Bet, Keno, JokerBet, 21Bet, 1Bet, and BackgammonBet, so we really have something for everyone.

The games’ fast pace is one of their USPs. A single game lasts around three minutes, during which customers can place their bets live or in advance on up to 10 future events.

Additionally, all TVBET’s products are GLI-certified, offering operators and players alike an extra level of confidence and security.

We also presented our turn-key Betting Shop solution at ICE. We had our employees on-hand on our stand accepting bets via handheld devices and printing betting slips. It really served to underline the flexibility of the solution which can work anywhere. We were the only company presenting this kind of all-in-one, turn-key solution at this year’s show. Thus, operators anywhere in the world can receive our games broadcast directly from our studios in real time. Our team is also in the process of actively developing the streaming UI. The point is to show four games in split-screen at the same time and switch them automatically when one pause to the next that is just starting. Accordingly, this will keep operators free of unnecessary selection process among the wide spectrum of our live-games, while players can follow their favourite products.

CR: What are some of the other elements or features that distinguish TVBET’s product offering?

PK: We are currently leaders in supplying live studio games for bookmakers and our solutions offer a number of unique elements. Our partners have access to a wide variety of innovative features such as three-level jackpots, cashback, and bonuses. I can honestly say that no one else in the industry is doing anything like it.

I would also note that our games have really helped bookmakers offset seasonality in sports competitions. A number of our partners have reported the big difference our live-games have made to their revenues during the off-season.

CR: Which jurisdictions do you operate in?

PK: We’re currently operating across four continents: Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America. It’s an ongoing process, we already have a lot of countries covered, but every month we’re seeing new partners from all around the world. In the last year we made 105 integrations and it’s important to highlight that 2019 was our first full year of commercial operations, so in that sense we’ve really hit the ground running. Breaking that figure down, we’re talking about an average of around nine integrations a month. That’s something we’re very proud of.

However, in business, one cannot stand still, you’ve always got to keep moving forward and focused on scaling new heights. With that in mind, I’m confident that 2020 will see us carrying out even more integrations with new partners worldwide.

CR: In addition to your live games, you also offer your Betting Bar solution, could you tell us a bit more about this?

PK: Betting Bar is definitely something we’ll be spotlighting in 2020. The Betting Bar concept was created for the land-based casino industry and allows visitors to enjoy TVBET’s live games in a relaxing bar environment, while it also includes versatile live lottery games.

We believe that Betting Bar will help attract new players to a casino, particularly those who love betting on sports, but, at the same time, it will also appeal to those who enjoy traditional casino games.

Betting Bar is equipped with modern LED screens which can display games, promotions and special offers, such as three-level jackpots, cashback, or promo coupons, all of which help an operator to further boost bets, and thus their revenue.

We’ve now created several bespoke Betting Bars, customised for each of the casinos we’re working with and designed to meet the needs of operators in a particular market, whether that be Asia, Latin America or Europe.

CR: What are some of your other plans for 2020?

PK: I’m going to let you in on a big exclusive: this year we’ll be launching TVBET Casino offering live casino content. This is a big step for us, but based on our success last year, we’re confident that 2020 will be another outstanding year for TVBET.

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