Play’n Go: Straight-talking business from Amsterdam RAI

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Play ‘n Go’s sales director Magnus Olsson, speaks to International Casino Review about sector trends from a business-centric iGB Live!

INTERNATIONAL CASINO REVIEW: What has been your favourite thing about iGB Live?

MAGNUS OLSSON: The setting for the event was great. The exhibit hall was compact and easy to navigate. We didn’t have to spend inordinate amounts of time going from one stand to another. The fact that everyone had more or less the same size stand, gave it more uniformity and no one overshadowed anybody else through sheer scale. The food sections were well placed and overall it was a well-organised event; Amsterdam was a great location too.

iCR: How are operators, and your clients in particular, looking to differentiate themselves this year?

MO: Operators were mostly focused on affiliates and seemed to be, in general, more business minded than at other events. They did not put all their effort in trying to impress but rather in displaying more ‘straight forward’ messages.

Many of our customers are looking into brand-new, exciting, marketing concepts and, from what I have seen, they are onto something great! The re-regulation of Sweden was, of course, a recurring topic through- out the event.

iCR: What products have you brought to the show and why?

MO: We brought the best of what we have; best in class casino games; reliable platforms; a lot of entertainment and our winning personalities! We promoted our latest slot, Sizzling Spins, using our “Are You Hungry” campaign message and we had a food stand passing out hot dogs throughout the day, which was greatly appreciated by all the guests to our stand.

iCR: What effect has the World Cup had on your sector?

MO: The World Cup is always a boost across all verticals and this year’s competition has been no different. It offers such a great cross-selling opportunity and is great at reactivating players, especially for us as we launched our football-based slot Hugo Goal to coincide with the competition, tying it in very nicely.

iCR: Which particular piece of technology is having the greatest impact on your business today?

MO: The greatest impact to us is being able to provide our very best games on virtually any personal device used by players these days, giving them a top-class gaming experience however, or wherever, they choose to indulge in it. The progression of IT Automation is also having a great impact on iGaming, as it is on all industries.

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