Play‘n GO to showcase casino platforms and content in Colombia

Cristian Acuna Play'n GO
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Ahead of the company’s attendance at FADJA 2019 this April, Casino Review caught up with Cristian Acuna, Play‘n GO’s Head of Sales in Latin America to discuss the firm’s OMNY and GAT casino platforms, new content, and its plans in the region this year.


Casino Review: What can we expect from Play’n GO at FADJA?
Cristian Acuna: Play’n GO has made a huge commitment to the Colombian market by certifying over one hundred games, with more on the way. We are the game provider with the largest offer at the moment so, at FADJA, you can expect us to showcase this enormous portfolio and to send a clear message to the market. That message is that we believe in Colombia’s business model for online casinos and that we are here to stay and grow alongside the key operators with whom we collaborate. You can also expect us to share information about some of our other products. OMNY is our server-based gaming platform that delivers our games to Cabinets, Desktops or Mobile; it even has the capacity to transfer a game session from one device to another, meaning you can enjoy playing on mobile, laptop or even in the casino without losing any of the progress you’ve made. Our casino platform has been deployed in many European operators, and it’s highly recognised for its stability (uptime), flexibility and ease of use.

CR: You’re doing a talk at this year’s event, what’s the focus?
CA: Yes, I’ll be talking on Thursday, the 11th, and it centres around player loyalty and retention. Anybody can develop a nice game, but at Play’n GO we have truly taken this craft to a higher level, where we deliver engaging experiences to players. So, I’m going to talk about how to create these experiences that captivate players and earns their loyalty. To support my speech, I will probably add in some interesting case studies from Europe; it’s always valuable to bring in some knowledge from other markets, especially those that have had some years of a head start. If you want to find out more, you’ll have to come and listen to the talk!

CR: What are your plans in the Latin American market this year?
CA: Latin America has a lot of burgeoning markets, and there is a lot of buzz in the media regarding these new markets being regulated, such as Peru, Brazil and Argentina. We plan to start moving into these markets early on and be prepared for the imminent regulations. As a company, we don’t just want to hop into any market for the sake of having our name there; we plan our expansion carefully and only move where we see value for our operating partners and us, and we see much value in these new markets. Our plans also include giving priority to our OMNY and GAT platforms, which have had big impacts in other markets thanks to their innovation and stability, so I’m sure the Latin American operators will see value in both these products.

CR: You have a very high number of games certified for Colombia, how important is compliance to Play’n GO?
CA: No salesperson is an island! We can only offer great games and products thanks to the hard work of the entire team. In this case, our aggregated value of 114 certified games in Colombia, is thanks to the early planning and hard work of our Compliance team, that didn’t hesitate in investing in the Colombian Market. So yes, compliance is very important and pivotal in everything we do at Play’n GO. As a company, we believe that compliance should be one of the strongest pillars of our foundation. We want as many people across the world to be able to experience these games, and for our content and other services to be as successful for our operators as possible. We can’t do that unless everything we do is held to the strictest compliance standards, so it is extremely important to us.

CR: What’s next for Play’n GO?
CA: We have a very busy 2019, with a roadmap of 40 new games to be released! Regarding Latin America, our next steps include breaking ground into some new markets and growing the team accordingly. We have high expectations with Latin America, and we feel very prepared to take on the task.

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