Playtech integrates real-time fraud detection from Featurespace into IMS platform

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Playtech has completed the integration of Featurespace’s machine learning fraud detection tools into its Information Management System, enabling licensees to identify and reduce fraud.


The software and services supplier signed a partnership with Feature- space in 2017 to further enhance its IMS platform, utilising Feature space’s adaptive, real-time, individual change platform (ARIC) to understand individual player behaviour and evaluate risk.

“Playtech is committed to promoting safe play and empowering licensees and players with advanced customer engagement and protection,” said Playtech COO Shimon Akad.

“We are developing industry-leading risk management technology and processes and Playtech’s IMS player management platform provides our licensees with the latest player protection protocols.”

Once a licensee has set up Featurespace as a third-party provider within IMS, the occurrence of a set of pre-configured player events, such as deposits, withdrawals, and changes to personal information, begins triggering alerts for IMS to send information to the ARIC platform.

“Our strategic partnership with Playtech enables us to deliver enhanced protection to their customers through our real-time, machine learning technology, and will allow Playtech’s licensees to better manage risk,” added Featurespace CEO Martina King.

To maximise the effectiveness of ARIC’s evaluation, licensees will be required to send historical data to Featurespace prior to its real-time investigations, allowing the machine learning technology to model and predict behaviour instantly identifying ‘at risk’ activity.

As well as identifying fraudulent attacks, ARIC also reduces the number of genuine, incorrectly sanctioned customers to reduce poor player experience.


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