PP leader disputes that Council of State has green-lighted Extremaduran IR bill

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The leader of the People’s Party (Partido Popular or PP) in Extremadura has disputed a recent statement by the autonomous region’s vice president, Pilar Blanco-Morales, that the Council of State has signed-off on a new bill which would allow the development of integrated resorts in the region.

Jose Antonio Monaga contends that the Council of State has “not fully assessed the entire text” of the Extremaduran Law for Large Leisure Complexes (Ley Extremeña de Grandes Instalaciones de Ocio or Legio), and has instead only looked at “general issues”.

“I do not share the opinion of the vice president that the Council of State has given the OK and its blessing [to the legislation],” Monaga stated.

“Legally, it is not right for a public representative to say that, because I have the impression that this is not what the Council of State has said.”

He affirms that while the council has made general recommendations, it is still in the process of analysing Legio “in depth”.

Both the PP and Podemos have submitted requests that the Council of State makes a full ruling on the new law.

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