The proof is in the profits for Atlantic City

ICr - Atlantic City
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That may have started as tentative speculation and later became whispered optimism has now been affirmed as a concrete fact, the Atlantic City casino industry has just posted its second successive year of growth.


The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has released its fiscal statements for the final month of 2017, highlighting overall land based revenue of $186.2m. Despite this total representing a drop of 1.8 percent for the period the year prior, with table totals declining almost eight percent to $53.8m, it concludes a year-end growth on 2016.

Total gaming win for the the city’s brick and mortar institutions topped $2.41bn, an 0.3 percent increase on the previous twelve months, which although not the largest increase, is affirmation that prior results were not a temporary blip.

Further ringing in the good news, these results were obtained without the $125.5m generated by the now-closed Taj Mahal property in 2016, which if discounted from the new totals bumps the gains up to 7.3 percent. Casino-regulated online gaming also proceeded to be the big story of the year, earning the city some $245.6m in the period.

It is not purely clear skies on the horizon for the city by the sea however, with gaming win increases to be tested by the opening of two new properties in a market seemingly at a new saturation point. The assimilation of these extra casinos into the landscape will shape the narrative of the upcoming twelve months. If the city can conquer these entries and make it third time lucky with its growth then it will be hard to deny the providence of the much-mooted comeback.

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