Industry to be “more responsive to change” at iGaming Education Forum

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The inaugural iGaming Education Forum aims to ‘grow the industry’ through education when it opens at this year’s SiGMA conference, and this aim is validated by the inclusion of recognised industry specialist, Maris Bonello, who will be delivering the Responsible Gambling course in November.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]onello, who works as Integrity Analytics Manager at one of the largest online gaming companies in Europe, Unibet, will be driving social responsibility as a top priority at the forum whilst also pushing the industry to be “more responsive to change” when dealing with the topic and the stigmas which surround it.

Confirming the acceptance of the invitation to speak, iGaming Academy Director Jaime Debono, said: “Maris is an ideal fit for the iGaming Education Forum and we’re pleased to have someone in her position delivering this vital course. Her background at Unibet and the award-winning work she completed with the innovative detection tool PS-EDS (Player Safety – Early Detection System) highlights her passion for the subject matter and her knowledge of policies and practices used to promote consumer protection and awareness. Responsible Gaming is integral to the future of the iGaming sector and we know Maris will provide the best guidance to all attendees on how to respond to situations related to this topic.”

Commenting on the Responsible Gambling course at this year’s iGaming Education Forum, Maris Bonello, explained: “Responsible gambling is so important for anyone working in this industry and the more time passes, the more we are seeing this topic gain more momentum and importance. In the course I will provide first-hand experience on a number of topics covering psychology of gambling, gambling regulatory requirements and proactive approaches to responsible gambling in the online gambling world.”


The whole gaming industry has to recognise the importance of this topic and how it is mostly visible within regulatory bodies where the main requirements are around responsible gambling


The whole gaming industry has to recognise the importance of this topic and how it is mostly visible within regulatory bodies where the main requirements are around responsible gambling,” she added. “What also needs to be kept in mind is that responsible gambling helps brand protection and recognition, which in turn will help to build trust within the customer community.In my opinion, the industry can be more responsive to change around this topic by embracing the need for responsible gambling but also at the same time diminishing the stigma that might surround such a topic. Responsible gambling should not be a deterrent for a company, but it should be part and parcel of the customer experience.”

Discussing her thoughts on the future of social responsibility for the industry, Maris added: “At the iGaming Education Forum in November, I hope to achieve a position where all online gambling operators will continue taking responsible gambling very seriously and placing it on the top of their agenda. The more awareness and knowledge that is placed for responsible gambling, the better the chances of providing a truly ethical and responsible gambling oriented service. I love the fact that companies such as the iGaming Academy are workingto distribute more knowledge and awareness around a whole spectrum of topics, and I think it is an excellent way to promote responsible gambling awareness for current and/or future gambling employees.”

Maris concluded: “Responsible gambling should be at the heart of the company to ensure sustainability and ethical business practice; I’m grateful to be part of the iGaming Education Forum so to be able to promote this.”

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