SBEA and SBWA’s fresh new look for 2019

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Eventus International has announced that they would be adding new streams to its 2019 Sports Betting East Africa Summit (SBEA) and Sports Betting West Africa Summit (SBWA) and has rebranded both to SBEA+ and SBWA+.

Eventus International has hosted gaming summits in Africa for over 6 years now. In that time, the company has developed 3 gaming events for Africa that have played a tremendous role in shaping the sector: The BiG Africa Supershow, the Sports Betting East Africa Summit and Sports Betting West Africa Summit.
Since its inception, Eventus international’s East and West African summits have primarily focused on sports betting as it’s the most popular gambling activity in those regions. With 2019 acting as a catalyst for new thinking and innovation, Eventus International is excited to announce the new name and format for the SBEA and SBWA summits.
SBEA+ and SBWA+ will include a stream for additional forms of gaming such as land-based and online casino, lottery and bingo, thereby widening the topic focus area and bringing together more gaming sector professionals.
“We are confident that this will create a bigger opportunity for cross industry gathering to brainstorm, exchange ideas and network than before.” – Yudi Soetjiptadi, Managing Director, Eventus International.
With a new stream adding in way more discussion, opportunity and possibilities to be explored at the SBEA+ and SBWA+ summits, there are now so many more reasons to register your seat for these exciting shows.

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