Scientific Games launches National Lottery of Kazakhstan

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Scientific Games has introduced lottery game entertainment to the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The National Lottery is operated by JSC Satty Zhuldyz, which was awarded a 15-year contract, with Scientific Games serving as the exclusive supplier of all games, technology and services.

Lottery instant “scratch” games and draw games, including numbers and Keno, are launching across a network of approximately 3,000 retailers in Kazakhstan, the world’s ninth largest country in geographic size and the region’s economic powerhouse generating 60 percent of Central Asia’s GDP.

Alexandr Ten, president of JSC Satty Zhuldyz, said, “We are excited to  work with Scientific Games to launch a socially responsible lottery in partnership with the Kazakhstani government.

“Our goal is to bring the fun and entertainment of lottery  to the country by employing Scientific Games’ 40 years of security, integrity and best practices launching highly successful lotteries around the globe.”

Ten said that in addition to the enormous entertainment value for players, the lottery will deliver important revenue to the government to support the Kazakhstan Ministry of Sports and Culture, including the Kazakhstan Olympic team.

Jim Kennedy, group chief executive, lottery, for Scientific Games, said: “We are honored to be the exclusive lottery supplier in this important mission.

“Our expertise launching lotteries in many countries around the world, and our ability to deliver global best practices in the Republic of Kazakhstan, will have an immediate and positive impact on the National Lottery’s performance, security and overall success for the citizens and government of Kazakhstan.”

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