Security and design come together in GPI’s portfolio

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Following their recently announced partnership with AI developments from Brainchip and with big data analytics and automation from Xuvi, to develop its Automated Table Solution (ATS), worldwide table game products provider GPI demonstrated its extensive range of high-security table game equipment at ICE 2018.


“Our core products are gaming currency which includes chips, jetons, plaques, and playing cards, layouts and RFID solutions,” said GPI’s executive director of global marketing, Maricela Maciel.

“RFID has always served a strong currency security and counterfeit deterrent, but its use has evolved, alongside other advancements in technology.”

As well as table-top RFID chip authenticators tracked through GPI’s Casino Inventory System, the company’s latest chips feature semi-transparent Secure Film holographs and Hollow Shot outer ring indentations.

“With the advancements in technology, GPI gives customers the chance to see how those two worlds of security and design collide,” said Maciel.

“The response has been great. Europe is a good market for us and the opportunities are there. “We’ve been seeing a lot of new customers and increased interest.”

Beyond Europe, GPI’s focus on innovation and security sees the company focused to keep abreast of developments in international regulation to ensure that its products are positioned to meet the requirements of emerging jurisdictions.

Maciel added: “Everybody is talking about Japan.

“It’s just a matter of when. In Asia, the gaming regulations are very strict and we predict that the Japanese market is going to be much more so.”

“At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to give customers something that helps secure their casino currency, provide operational benefits and is going to help their bottom line.”

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