Security and innovation: two watchwords for Abbiati

security and innovation RFID Abbiati
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Utilising RFID technology in its range of casino currency solutions allows leading Italian manufacturer, Abbiati Casino Equipment, to offer a variety of benefits to its customers.


The company has a licence allowing it to incorporate Magellan Technology’s RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions in its products.

The Abbiati 13.56 MHz PJM 3.0 RFID value chip can be used in conjunction with the CIS (Chip Inventory System) to give the operator total control over all chip movement throughout the casino.

Thanks to the latest 13.56 MHz PJM 3.0 RFID technology the chips and plaques are recorded in real-time providing extra security for operators who can be sure that all the chips currently in-play have been authorised.

This new security technology can be integrated in all Abbiati’s chips and plaques, and can also be combined with additional security features such as as holograms, 3-in-1 UV sensitive colors, Laser Tracer technology and Optical Variable Inks.

If RFID is synonymous with security, Abbiati’s Roulette – 18 is a byword for innovation. Developed by game inventor Stephen Au-Yeung and distributed by Abbiati, Roulette – 18 is variant of the standard 38-slot version of the game, with the wheel featuring two copies of each of the numbers from 0 to 18.

The new product has already received a positive response from visitor to ICE London and G2E Asia in Macau, with attendees praising Abbiati’s manufacturing quality and Roulette – 18’s elegant finish.


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