Select Gaming invests in Cloud technology

ICR - Select Gaming Cloud Platform

The UK’s largest independent supplier of gaming and amusement equipment, Select Gaming, has embraced Cloud technology as part of a major investment.


Select Gaming has confirmed its sights are firmly set on the future with the announcement a major strategic investment in an integrated cloud-based computing solution for the entire business.

The family owned and managed company, which has more than 130 staff employed across 4 locations, has completed a full tendering process and chosen Cereberus Networks to host its cloud platform.

Director Andrew Powell explains: “We’re fortunate in enjoying excellent relationships with our customers and in many cases these stretch back over many years. In our industry, however, there is no room for complacency and we’re very aware of the constant need to deliver, both in terms of service and cashbox returns.

“After a rigorous tendering process, we have appointed Cerberus Networks to provide a strong and future-proof cloud hosted computing platform to run our application servers, file storage and virtual desktops. For reliability and added security, this is all carried out within a private data centre computing environment. On a day-to-day basis we handle a vast amount of data and the new technology encompasses every aspect of our business, including collections, machine logistics, service and supply chain management. Communication between our four operational depots is now seamless.

“In short, cloud computing will bring real benefits to our customers through the effective outsourcing of some generic activities, enabling us to focus on what we do best; namely delivering a superior service and driving their machine revenues,” revealed Andrew.

Increasingly, businesses are turning to cloud solutions to stay ahead in competitive markets and through the new investment, Select Gaming’s staff and participating customers can access their designated areas of the system from almost any device with an internet connection. The company confirmed enhanced data security has been achieved through the use of a private MyCloud IPVN where all internet connectivity is via a centralised firewall providing real-time intrusion protection and web content filtering, as well as anti-virus protection.

“We’re already seeing benefits in the management of our machine inventory and parts ordering as well as increased information sharing between our head office at Aylesford and our depots at Hoddesdon, Tamworth and Bristol,” continued Andrew.

Select Gaming claims data is the life-blood of it’s business and the strategic agreement with Cerburus is all embracing, including 24/7 support and the development of future enhancements.

The next stage will be to provide an advanced hosted telephony service, delivering everything from voicemail and interactive voice response to instant messaging, on demand web-meetings and full contact centre services.

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