Sirplay welcomes the Bitcoin era to sports betting market

ICR - Sirplay Bitcoin Sports Betting
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International software house, Sirplay, has inaugurated the crypto era, with the launch of its first Bitcoin sports betting software.


At ICE in February, the company already launched a Bitcoin integration on its sportsbook software, permitting players to use it as a payment method.

Up till now, Bitcoin could be exchanged for the currency chosen by the bookmaker, as if the Bitcoin Wallet were a bank account or a credit card that the player could choose from to deposit/withdraw its account. But, the company affirms that when only used in this way, the potential of Bitcoin betting wouldn’t be exploited fully.

With this launch, Sirplay presents its first Bitcoin sports betting software, utilising the cryptocurrency throughout the whole business cycle; from the platform acquirement to the player’s cart. Allowing the bookie to avoid any trading risk and, at the same time, to charge its own commissions to players willing to bet with the currency, Sirplay’s decision acknowledges that the cryptocurrency growth can’t be ignored.

The virtual currency has become popular thanks to its numerous distinctive features including its highsecurity system; its easy-to-enter network to buy/sell cryptocurrencies and the simplicity of its management, which does not require any sophisticated technical skills; the privacy of any wallet; its built-in protection against fraud, thanks to the lack of chargeback; the management cost as almost free; the high speed of transactions, which can be received in a few minutes without holding periods; its globality as an online currency; and the fact that it counts millions of registered accounts.

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