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Las-Vegas based casino table and currency specialist GPI exhibited at G2E with its extensive currency collection – which included its line of European-style plaques and American-style chips.

“Under the brand names BG, Bud Jones and Paulson, each currency offering is available with a wide range of currency security features which help gaming properties protect their most valuable asset – their money,” remarked Maricela Maciel.

Meanwhile, stand visitors were privy to demonstrations of some of the company’s latest security features, including three-in-one UV and SecuriFilm. Three-in-one UV is a security agent which remains invisible under standard UV wavelengths but is revealed with a special device. Because it can be added to plastic injection-molded chip materials, it is easy to validate chips right at the table when placed in stacks or racks. Compatible with RFID, SecuriFilm is used on a chip’s decal and features a semi-transparent, hologram-like effect. Customers can select from a standard design or create their own custom pattern for added currency protection.

GPI also demonstrated its SMART RFID package, which offers the latest advancement is casino currency RFID technology. When used with its Chip Inventory System (CIS) software, SMART delivers a complete currency tracking and authentication solution.

“Available across all of our currency brands, SMART can be integrated with third-party software for optimum efficiency,” Maciel explained. “I’m pleased to be able to say that we also offer all the necessary components from SMART RFID currency – both antennas and readers.”

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