Spintec consolidates Asia-Pacific presence with expanded product offering

ICR - Spintec G2E Macau

Spintec presented its Karma and Aura product lines for the 2017 edition of G2E Asia, offering both compact and amphitheatre solutions, with something to appeal to every operator.


Primoz Krsevan, the company’s regional sales manager, discusses the firm’s strong track record in the region and the factors contributing to its growth.

What would you identify as the key strengths of the Spintec brand and what are the key features that differentiate your products in the marketplace?

“Longer gaming sessions guaranteed” is a brand promise that we give to our customers. This promise is achieved through in-depth knowledge of the player, market research, feedback from the casino operators and our proprietary technical solutions. Our electronic table games solutions excel in comfort, build around the player, in simplicity of use, and in innovative technical solutions that boost the number of games played per hour and provide exceptional technical stability of the product. The excellent performance of our electronic table games solutions is our best brand advocate and brand builder.

What kind of business successes has Spintec achieved in the Asia-Pacific region in the last 12 months?

This year we have continued to strengthen our position in Asia-Pacific region through existing and new customers. Our highlights for 2017 are an amphitheatre multigame solution for Genting Malaysia; a reorder of custom-made Karma electronic Roulette along with a new order of custom-made Karma electronic Sic Bo and stand-alone virtual Roulettes for one of the most prestigious operators in Macau; and a significant increase of our presence in India with new installations and distribution agreements for markets in the region, in addition to growth in South Korea, and Vietnam.

In terms of market trends, what product types are doing well in Asia at the moment and where have you seen growth?

Spintec is present in all six casino groups in Macao and we’ve held the majority share among all electronic roulette installations there for the past three years. Electronic table games with custom solutions, bigger setups and connections to different games are still a growing segment in Asia. What we have learned from the feedback we’ve received while working in this market is that there should be distinct playing terminals for compact electronic solutions, with a different terminal for bigger amphitheatre set-ups. Based on this Spintec has differentiated its product offering accordingly, establishing our well-known product line Karma as the go-to brand for compact solutions and developing a new product line Aura, which is perfect for amphitheatre solutions. This year we presented the Karma product at G2E Asia with three products: automated Roulette, automated Sic Bo and Craps, stand-alone virtual playing station with wider monitor and multigame option for a player to choose between virtual Roulette, virtual Baccarat and virtual Sic Bo. Meanwhile, our Aura product line was presented at the show with new playing terminals and a multigame wall. Aura playing terminals aim to be the most comfortable and ergonomic gaming terminals on the market. They are perfect for bigger, amphitheater setups, combining live, automated and virtual games in one multigame experience. Our multigame wall is a stand-alone multigame display solution that can be installed in any venue, independent from the back-wall on which monitors are usually installed. The feedback we’ve received from visitors has been outstanding, confirming that we have made a step in the right direction.

What would you identify as the distinctive features of the Asia-Pacific market and what do you see as the key strengths of the Spintec brand when operating the region?

Every market has its local specifics and we always look to overcome this through local partnerships. When we look for a local distributor, we seek a long-term cooperation with a focus on respect and mutual benefits. We are very satisfied with our current distributors in the Asia-Pacific region, they have very high credibility in the gaming market and we share the same vision for the future.

Has Spintec faced any challenges entering or working the Asian markets?

Highly regulated markets are always challenging to enter, but we have focused on them from the outset. When you are able to succeed in this type of market all the others follow. We are proud to say, that our ability to adapt to local jurisdictions, along with the technological advances and customer orientation of all Spintec’s products have been and remain our recipe for leaving a memorable footprint in all markets we operate in, including Asia.