Spintec’s Karma and Aura receive ‘remarkable’ ICE reception

Casino Review - Spintec Karma Aura ICE remarkable macau
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Following installations in Malaysia, reorders in Macau and a distribution deal in South America, Spintec showcased its Karma and Aura lines to an excited ICE crowd.


Slovenian manufacturer Spintec showcased its Karma line of products at ICE along with the company’s new Aura multi-game amphitheatre solution, both of which received a warm welcome from visitors on the show floor.

The Karma product line includes compact solutions for roulette, baccarat and Sic Bo, designed around extreme player comfort and longer gaming sessions.

Renato Bicic, sales director at Spintec, explained the importance of exhibiting at ICE and highlighted the company’s core offering.Casino Review - Spintec Karma Aura ICE

“ICE is the premier event in gaming industry and everybody that means something in this industry is present at this event,” he said. “Each year Spintec take an opportunity to present novelties alongside core products to opinion makers. Our core product line is Karma, which consists of compact electronic table games solutions that can be automated, virtual, or connected to a live game.”

At ICE Spintec presented two new solutions from Karma, highlighting the product line’s diverse array of technological solutions.

Bicic added: “First is an automated solution for dice games combining Sic Bo and Craps within one automated center, and the second one is a stand-alone virtual playing station with wider monitors and an option for a player to choose between virtual roulette, virtual baccarat and virtual Sic Bo in HD quality.”

While Karma is perfect for compact solutions, Spintec realised the need for a different style of playing terminal by closely monitoring feedback from the market. Bicic outlined how the company’s new Aura product line is fulfilling this demand from casino operators.

“In addition to our core Karma line we have introduced a new product line called Aura,” he said. “This is perfect for amphitheatre setups, combining live, automated and virtual games in one multigame experience. With a revolutionary new approach in design, Aura aims to be the most comfortable and ergonomic gaming terminal on the market. The feedback we’ve got from the ICE visitors is remarkable as well as their interest for buying this new multigame solution.”

Bicic explained a success story behind Spintec’s products.

“Spintec is combining different aspects; on one side is comfort for the player and players’ needs, on the other side are innovative technical solutions and technical stability of the products,” he explained. “Both sides combined within one product guarantee maximum performance of the gaming machine on the casino floor. An excellent performance of our electronic table games solutions is our best brand advocate and brand builder.

“Bicic added that throughout 2017 Spintec will be looking to strengthen the Aura product even further. “Aura has been well accepted from ICE visitors and accordingly our R&D is currently focused on completing the development of all possible technologies (automated, virtual, live games) for the new Aura line and consequently on certification of these new solutions in most regulated jurisdictions.”

In these jurisdictions, Spintec expects the share of electronic table games on the casino floor to increase, along with diversification in product design to meet certain player-bases.

Bicic said: “Operational wise, more investments are expected and a slight increase in the share of electronic table games. Technological development is oriented more on custom made solutions and there is also a rising trend of additional diversification of products on the gaming floor to meet the gaming needs of Asians and younger population.”

Spintec’s approach to product design has proven successful in Macao, where the company is dominant in electronic roulette, and with strength across Europe, Bicic is now looking further west for opportunity.

“Macao is our biggest reference,” Bicic stated. “Spintec holds the majority share among all installations of electronic roulette games in the past three years there. In Europe, Spain is the strongest and we are proud to hold approximately 80 percent of market share in Slovenia, our domestic market. We still consider Asia and the US to have the greatest growth potential.”

Over the last year reorders in Macau have cemented the company’s position there, however Spintec is finding equal interest across the globe, with Techno Gaming taking the company’s products across South America.

“Spintec has a steady growth from the beginning and the past 12 months were the same.” Bicic continued. “Every deal in this period is important, but if we have to pinpoint a few that would be an amphitheater multigame solution for Genting Malaysia, a continuous reordering from all six casino groups from Macau, and a successful partnership deal with Techno Gaming, who is covering Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. We also entered South Korean and Australian market in the past period.”

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