Spintec creates its own Karma in Spanish market

Casino Review - Spintec Spanish Market Karma
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Spintec and its Spanish distributor Sente, unveiled a number of its Karma multiplayer solutions and other product ranges at Feria internacional del Juego in Madrid.


The Slovenia-based manufacturer, Spintec, delivered a strong showing with its Spanish distributor, Sente, at this year’s Feria internacional del Juego show in Madrid.

The key product on display was the company’s Karma roulette range, which has built a strong position in the Spanish market in recent years.

Spintec claims this has been down to the product’s stability, ergonomic comfort and via intuitive solutions created as a response to the market’s needs.

“Spain is currently the hottest market in Europe. Competition is fierce, so we are even more pleased that we are well represented on this market, that Karma roulettes are identified as excellent products with great gaming results,” said Renato Bičič, sales director from Spintec.

In addition to the best-selling Karma 5 station automated roulette with virtual dealer various Karma compact multiplayer solutions with toppers were presented.

Spintec and Sente also showcased Novelties, a virtual wall, and a selection of Aura playing terminals, which were well accepted by visitors of the show.


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