Spintec promises longer gaming sessions with innovative electronic table games

Spintec Macau

Slovenia-based Spintec offers both compact and amphitheatre electronic table games solutions with something to appeal to every operator, built around the company’s promise of longer gaming sessions.


Present in all six casino groups in Macau, where the company has held the majority share among all electronic roulette installations there for the past three years, Spintec continues to go from strength to strength.

The company’s twin product lines, Karma and Aura, offer a variety of games including Roulette, Sic Bo, Craps, and Baccarat, combining live, automated and virtual technological solutions in a single multigame experience.

“What we have learned from the feedback we’ve received while working in this market is that there should be distinct playing terminals for compact electronic solutions, with a different terminal for bigger amphitheatre set-ups,” explained Primoz Krsevan, Spintec’s regional sales manager, speaking at G2E Asia in May. “Based on this Spintec has differentiated its product offering accordingly, establishing our well-known product line Karma as the go-to brand for compact solutions and developing a new product line Aura, which is perfect for amphitheatre solutions.”

Spintec’s flagship product Karma Automated Roulette, was the company’s first compact automated roulette, and remains the best known solution in the company’s product portfolio.

Building on the success of Karma Automated Roulette, Karma Automated Sic Bo, made its market debut a year ago and has quickly proven to be the most technologically advanced automated Sic Bo on the market. It incorporates all the competitive advantages of the Karma line, while utilising integrated proprietary mechanics, which almost eliminates situations where dice are placed on top of each other. Karma Automated Sic Bo is now available with an upgrade, where one automated centre combines two games, Sic Bo and Craps at the same time, offering operators even more bang for their buck.

Meanwhile, the company’s newly introduced product line Aura offers playing upscale terminals which are primarily intended for bigger multigame set-ups. Aura playing terminals aim to be the most comfortable and ergonomic gaming terminals on the market, perfect for bigger, amphitheatre setups, combining live, automated and virtual games in one multigame experience.

Representing a revolutionary approach in design, Spintec’s commitment to ergonomics is further highlighted by the terminal’s innovative sunken monitor that supports the player’s wrists and offers an optimal viewing angle, along with extensive legroom.

Meanwhile there is also space provided for a drink and a mobile phone, along with a dedicated space for personal belongings. Forming part of the Aura line, Spintec’s free-standing multigame wall provides a standalone solution which can be placed in any interior, independent from the back-wall on which monitors for multigames are usually installed.