When comfort meets adrenaline: Spintec prepares products for G2E Asia

casino review Spintec Primoz Krsevan
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In the run-up to G2E Asia, International Casino Review caught up with Primoz Krsevan, Spintec’s regional sales manager.


International Casino Review: How important is attending G2E Asia for your company, for how many years have you attended the show?

Primoz Krsevan: Asia is one of the fastest growing markets in terms of electronic table games, and Spintec has a very stable and strong position on this market.

Our list of satisfied operators is longer every day due to the fact that we follow the strategy of stable market growth. Spintec works closely with our clients, offering flexibility in product design and gaming features, 24/7 customer support, and virtually endless customisation options of our gaming solutions.

Our product offering is differentiated according to the specific market needs. Based on these Spintec’s gaming solutions offer longer gaming sessions, which translate in higher revenues for the operators. Spintec ETGs are installed in the most prominent casinos in Asia. Our gaming installations are present in all six casino groups in Macau, furthermore our satisfied clients are Genting Highlands Malaysia, City of Dreams in Manila, Paradise city Incheon in South Korea, Crowne Casino in Vietnam, and many others.

Being present at G2E Asia is crucial for our company as it is a great opportunity to meet with our clients, clients to be and potential future partners. The show also offers a unique opportunity to present the newest designs and innovations to visitors from Asia and wider. Spintec has been showcasing at G2E Asia since 2013.

ICR: Which of your products or solutions are you highlighting for this edition of G2E Asia, and why?

PK: Spintec’s highlight at this year’s G2E Asia will be our Aura multi-game amphitheater, a state-of-the-art gaming solution distinguished by an unparalleled comfort, designed to answer all the players needs, such as a place for drinks and personal belongings, an ergonomic chair offering the best view of the game and the possibility to move the chair back and forth, USB charger, wide sunken screen, a prestige of wood and leather offering the highest comfort while playing. Last but not least the best gaming experience with user friendly features and the right dose of adrenaline in every game.

In addition, Aura amphitheater gaming solution is completely customisable, which means that the operator has virtually limitless options to choose different colors and set-ups.

Amphitheater multi-gaming setups are becoming more and more popular also in Asia. We have anticipated the market’s trends developing our Aura amphitheater product line in addition to our compact solution under the brand name Karma.

Besides a rising market of amphitheater gaming solutions, compact electronic table games are our flagship on the Asian market. Spintec’s Karma Electronic Roulette has become one of the most popular electronic roulettes in Macau now holding a majority share among all new Electronic Roulette installations. Of course, we will present our Karma Roulette at G2E Asia, and additionally one of the most popular games in this market: Sic Bo.

ICR: Could you tell us more about some of your recent product releases?

PK: At this year’s ICE Totally Gaming Spintec unveiled our new technology and design. We showcased a new Aura Roulette amphitheater gaming solution with a new dazzling design of topper and sign. Additionally, we revealed the automated Karma Roulette generation II for the first time. The core innovation is a blend of led technology and top design.

The result is a gaming solution that will not be unnoticed. Both novelties, new Aura design as well as Karma gen II, will make any casino more attractive and appealing to customers.

Besides offering a sensational gaming experience and all the comfort to the player, new products will also offer enhanced visual effects, resulting in supreme attractiveness and visibility of the gaming machines on the casino floor and therefore reassuring Spintec’s primacy in the field of stylish, comfortable and innovative ETGs.

ICR: What will be your focuses in the Asia-Pacific region in 2018, are you expanding in a particular product segment, or entering any new markets etc?

PK: In 2018 Spintec is planning to strengthen the position on the Asian market and boost our market share. Last year we established a new partnership with an Australian distributor and in the second half of 2018 we are planning to enter the Australian market. We are placing our first multi-game installations in Macau and Philippines and consolidating our presence in South Korea. Our plan is to expand our presence also in other South East Asian countries.

ICR: What kind of business successes has your company achieved in the Asia-Pacific region in the past 12 months? Have you entered any new markets or made any major deployments?

PK: Spintec’s Karma Electronic Roulette has become one of the most popular electronic roulettes in Macau. As a result, Karma roulette has been holding a majority share among all new electronic roulette installations for the past three years in Macau. Last year we installed a multi-game amphitheater solution with 50 stand-alone terminals including two games, automated and live roulette in Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

ICR: What would you identify as the distinctive features of the Macau market? On the product front, where do you think the market is leading in terms of trends?

PK: Macau ETG market trend has been growing in the past few years and we foresee the electronic table games floor share to continue to grow also in the future. There is a high growth also in demand for multi-gaming solutions, due to the fact of increasing mass market.

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