Spirit Gaming expands MONIKO footprint in Germany

Spirit Gaming Germany
Vitali Philippi of Spirit Gaming
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Spirit Gaming is celebrating more success with MONIKO TITO tickets, with a further three casinos in Germany having signed up – namely Casino Mainz, Casino Trier and Casino Bad Ems.

Spirit Gaming is the exclusive distributor for MONIKO in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland and The Netherlands. The partnership was only sealed back in February at the ICE and already casinos in Germany are seeing the benefits of making use of MONKO TITO tickets.

MONIKO places great emphasis on providing future-proof, environmentally friendly thermopaper. The TITO paper from MONIKO is phenol free. Phenol is a hazardous substance that can cause skin damage. The EU has recognised the negative effects of phenol and passed a regulation in December 2017 to ban phenol from thermopaper from 2020 onwards.

“We are seeing avid interest in MONIKO TITO tickets”, explained Vitali Philippi of Spirit Gaming. “The fact that the tickets are phenol free played a key role in the casino management’s decision for MONIKO”.

Furthermore, MONIKO is a European manufacturer of TITO tickets. For casinos in Europe the transport distance is naturally much shorter than sourcing them from the United States. This saves time, money and also reduces the carbon footprint. The quality of MONIKO tickets speaks for itself. The original paper is sourced from Germany.

MONIKO not only manufactures TITO tickets – with immediate effect can customers source their Casino Entry Tickets from MONIKO through Spirit Gaming. “Innovative, great ecological benefits, short lead times, proven quality and the portfolio now being expanded to Casino Entry Tickets. We see a great future ahead for MONIKO,” Philippi finished.

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