Stühmeyer celebrates 30 years of games making at Gauselmann

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The long-term employee and current Management Board member, Jürgen Stühmeyer, has celebrated his 30-year jubilee with the Gauselmann Group.


The Gauselmann Group has commenced 2017 with two jubilee celebrations, the 60-year anniversary of the company at ICE Totally Gaming and the 30-year anniversary of current Management Board member Jürgen Stühmeyer.

Hailing from Minden, Stühmeyer joined the company 30 years ago as one of the first three trainees, after training as a wholesale and export merchant and earning a degree in business administration, with a focus on marketing and organisation.

His traineeship was scheduled to last 18 months and involved changing locations and assignments. However, after a good year Jürgen Stühmeyer was offered the opportunity to join the newly founded Merkur-Freizeit-Leasing GmbH, the financial services provider of the Gauselmann Group. He accepted the challenge and within another 12 months was promoted to authorised signatory.

Jürgen Stühmeyer switched to the industrial sales division of Stella International Spielgeräte GmbH in 1993, where, again as authorised signatory, he gained experience in the still young area of international sales of Gauselmann gaming machines.

In 1997, Jürgen Stühmeyer moved to the Rhineland, where until 2004 he was sole managing director of Schneider Automaten GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne.

Following this, he made a final move as managing director to adp Gauselmann GmbH, the market leader for AWP machines in Germany. he is in charge of all sales processes and has overall responsibility as management spokesman.

In 2007, he was also appointed to the Management Board of the Gauselmann Group. In this position, he is responsible for the strategic direction and business development of the entire Merkur Division. Under Jürgen Stühmeyer’s management, international sales activities have been expanded with growing success in recent years.

“I am extremely proud that with Jürgen Stühmeyer, someone from our own ranks has worked his way up to the top level of management. Jürgen Stühmeyer has achieved major successes for the company over the past 30 years. I am very happy to have such an experienced colleague on board in these turbulent times,” Gauselmann Group Chairman Paul Gauselmann says in recognition.

“Jürgen Stühmeyer is living proof that with hard work and skill it is possible to climb up from the bottom to the top of the corporate ladder.”

In a statement from group, the entrepreneurial family, the Management Board of Gauselmann AG, the executive team and all Stühmeyer’s colleagues extended their congratulations on his company jubilee and praised him for his commitment and loyalty to the company.

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