Suzohapp demostrates solutions for the APAC market

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From cash handling solutions to printers, push buttons to displays, Suzohapp offered something for everyone at G2E Asia.

Suzohapp presented a broad selection of highlights from its product portfolio for this year’s G2E Asia, including individual components for gaming machine manufacturers as well as complete solutions.

“The response at the show has been really good,” stated Peter Noye, VP of Commercial and Strategy, APA. “We’ve seen a lot of new and existing customers, including a number of decision makers which goes to further underline G2E Asia’s importance in the region.”

Visitors to the show had the chance to see the top-selling SH1950 video topper, the VisionPro 19” display, the 27” dual-sided display with LED lighting, the Loyalty Kiosk and the Display Pro.

One of the company’s standout products for G2E Asia 2018 was the DPS (Dynamic Panel System), the latest innovation in pushbuttons, which offers all the adaptability of touch screens with the tactile satisfaction of mechanical pushbuttons.

“We’re working on this with a number of manufacturers at the moment,” Noye continued. “With the Dynamic Panel System, the button panel has an LCD under it and buttons can be individually programmed, facilitating dynamic content updates and enabling you to further theme a game by displaying dynamic video content.

“Game designers are no longer limited by the user interface and end users can now receive content through a tactile button, creating a more interactive player experience.”

A wide assortment of cash handling solutions was also on display, including the CashComplete SDS-35, a brand new Smart Deposit System which represents a cost-effective method of securing notes and reducing labour time associated with currency counting.

Significant focus was also be given to SCAN COIN’s back-office solutions, including the SC-8220, SC-8100, VC-100D note counters and the SC-360 coin counter.

“The SDS-35 is the ideal solution for businesses where cash volume, security and handling takes up a significant amount of staff and time,” explained Noye.

“Utilising Suzohapp’s MFL bill validator, the SDS-35 reduces shrinkage – the loss of cash due to hazards such as accounting errors or accepting counterfeit notes – and can instantly validate to prevent such counterfeits, while automatically processing every note for an accurate deposit count every time.

“Additionally, the SDS-35 is one of the smallest solutions on the market and its compact footprint allows it to be installed directly at the point of sale, whether a live gaming table or a bar, mounted under the checkout counter,” he concluded.

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