SUZOHAPP set for bigger booth at EAG

ICR - SuzoHapp EMA Components
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“This year, we have increased our booth size to showcase our complete range of solutions, from individual components to complete cash management systems,” John Vallis, SUZOHAPP UK sales director and vice-president Amusement Sales EMEA, said in the run-up to this year’s EAG expo.


The brand new SCAN COIN ICX Active-9 is expected to take centre stage in the SUZOHAPP stand,  representing the new mid-range class of sorters. It can sort up to nine different coin types / tokens at a rate of up to 2,700 per minute.

Visitors looking for the latest technology in coin and banknote counting/sorting will enjoy seeing other SCAN COIN desktop solutions, including the SC-8220, the SC-306 and the DTC-9. Operators often need to offer their customers the ability to change their money to play on the machines. SUZOHAPP has the right solution – the Comestero Dual Coin Pro and the Easy Pro which are the best-selling change machines in the industry.

In the SUZOHAPP booth, significant focus will also be placed on the Live Ticket+ TITO System from InnoPrint which will include our Payhub Ticket Redemption Terminal.

For cashless solutions, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about IDEAL. The IDEAL solution brings simplicity to a complex payment structure that can often be found in family entertainment centers. IDEAL is flexible and secure and provides operators with a host of benefits through the sheer number of individual services – all of which can be managed by this one system.

IDEAL is card-based with various card reading abilities, making the solution very user-friendly. Customers can pay using the IDEAL cards anywhere in the location, they can extend card credit using the IDEAL self-service kiosks or, in the case of plastic cards, even by mobile phone.

Cash handling equipment is a prominent offering in the SUZOHAPP portfolio and a broad range of components for manufacturers will be showcased at EAG. For coin-in, show attendees can see the Comestero RM5 electronic coin mechanism that offers excellent coin discrimination and market-leading anti-fraud technology. For coin-out, they will appreciate the advantages of a variety of hoppers.

Buttons and joysticks are essential on every amusement machine and SUZOHAPP continues to invest in this control technology. A rich assortment of control solutions will be displayed and special focus will be given to the UFO and Jumbo pushbuttons. The SUZOHAPP team will be presenting a new joystick on their stand as well.

Finally, other solutions on exhibit include a selection from BilliardPRO and CompetitionPRO product lines.

“We are always ready to meet the unique requirements of both manufacturers and operators. The new ICX Active-9 is a clear example of how we can meet operators’ expectations and solve their individual problems,” concluded Vallis.

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