SuzoHapp provides 6,000 surgical masks for MPAC Healthcare

SuzoHapp PPE surgical masks
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In the US, SuzoHapp has donated 6,000 surgical masks to primary care and mental health services provider MPAC Healthcare.


SuzoHapp has donated a supply of 6,000 surgical masks to MPAC Healthcare, a Chicago-based organisation that provides primary care and mental health services primarily focused on skilled-nursing homes, to aid in their frontline service against the COVID-19 virus.

Data has shown that older people and people with multiple co-morbidities tend to have more severe symptoms if they contract COVID–19. Residents of nursing homes tend to be more frail, have more functional limitations, and have more chronic and complex conditions than other older adults. In addition, nursing home residents often require help with things like using the toilet, getting in and out of bed, and getting dressed meaning essential person-to-person interactions must still occur with residents and staff becoming more likely than other people to spread the virus to one another. Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, can help mitigate those risks but with most supplies being sent to hospitals, the nursing home supply has been significantly diminished.

SuzoHapp’s assembly staff traditionally wears surgical masks when using tools and chemicals to assemble products. “We recognise that these medical professionals have a dire need right now that supersedes ours, especially when it comes to protecting the elderly and those who are vulnerable. Given that MPAC Healthcare providers are caring for the population that is most at risk, often having to reuse old masks due to the global shortage, the donation was an easy decision,” said Sim Bielak, SuzoHapp’s president of gaming and amusement.

The company’s contribution will allow the team to continue to focus on providing the best care possible while also keeping the Nurse Practitioners and Licensed Clinical Social Workers safe.

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