SUZOHAPP strengthens “strong position” in Spain

Casino Review - SUZOHAPP Spain Strong position
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This year’s Fería Internacional del Juego in Madrid saw SUZOHAPP demonstrate its leading position as a key tech provider in Spain.


The cash handling technology provider, SUZOHAPP, confirmed its position in Spain with a strong showing of its value-adding technology in Spain at the Fería Internacional del Juego show.

“SUZOHAPP has built a strong position in the market throughout the years, thanks to our excellent product range and dependable service. My thanks goes out to all the visitors of our stand,” said Juan Gomez, Managing Director of SUZOHAPP in Spain.

SUZOHAPP’s large stand housed a number of solutions – from spare parts and components to complete cash management solutions.

Cash recycling plays a key role in the Spanish gaming market and visitors in Madrid were introduced tot the Bill-to-Bill™ 300 note recycler which can recycle up to 300 banknotes in up to three different denominations.

For coin recycling, SUZOHAPP introduced the ICS (Intelligent Coin System) at the show which sorts coins into eight payout tubes, so all Euro coin denominations can be paid back

SUZOHAPP also showed its complete cash management solutions, including two Comestero money changers: Dual Coin Pro, SCAN COIN solutions, and, the latest generation, Swing Next.

The company also demonstrated its VisionPRO and ELO solutions, TransAct printer products, the CompetitionPRO selection, ASSA and Venia locks, the Comestero RM5 electronic mechanism, the MFL casino banknote reader, as well as the SC Advance banknote reader.

Goran Sovilj, Vice President of SUZOHAPP Gaming Sales EMA, added, “we are dedicated to helping our customers improve their business. We invest to exhibit at the key shows so that we can provide information and support for our expansive product range. We are always there for our customers.”

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