Table Talk Johannesburg serves up a slice of success

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Whilst enjoying a meal that the Radisson Blu hotel chef had prepared for the guests of the 2nd Instalment in the Table Talk Series, attendees were also treated to an equally satisfying meal of the mind that Prof Peter Collins had prepared.


Prof Peter Collins was responsible for the various research and reports between 1995 and 1999 which were sponsored by both the public and private Sectors in South Africa. In 1999, he was appointed as a part-time Executive Director for the South African National Responsible Gambling Programme.

After his move to the UK he became an expert adviser on casino matters to the Joint Scrutiny Committee to the House of Lords and the House of Commons which considered the new UK gambling act. He is often the keynote speaker at international conferences on gambling.

Professor Peter Colin’s presentation and discussion starter was all about “What is Success in Business and in Life?” and was truly a hearty meal for mental digestion. Prof Peter Collins started his presentation by highlighting the change in behaviour that people have when at work compared with family life.

Unfortunately, too many people still think a life well lived in terms of the satisfaction of ambition within a career where success is measured by amounts of money earned and level of status reached.

What people really want in their lives is to feel good about themselves and the best way of achieving this is to do good and to be good.

The point that many people savoured from his presentation is that to be ethical in your career, you need to do something you enjoy. You need to enjoy meeting with people in that particular sector and discussing the industry. By following your vocation, you will automatically nurture relationships with your peers, and customers.

After Prof. Collins’ presentation, guests were treated to Duo of Beef and Lamb Shoulder served with a side of Parsely Trufe Crushed Potato, sautéed vegetables and satisfying gaming sector discussions around the table.

Table Talk Johannesburg set out to achieve everything Eventus International set out to achieve with the Table Talk series. Good food, good wine and good discussions – Yudi Soetjiptadi, Managing Director, Eventus International.

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