TablesWin hail “positive” ICE showing

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Italian-based TablesWin attended the 2018 edition of ICE with numerous innovations: a total black stand in which were installed hand-crafted gaming tables with fine finishes and a unique design dedicated to the world of luxury and Hi-Tech innovations.


TablesWin, in fact, is pressing the accelerator on the technological aspects and proposes BillWin the first billboard on which we find a section dedicated to live streaming.

BillWin allows instant reading of the result, and at the same time, sports enthusiasts can follow live streaming of sports matches and of course bet online by checking live results.

Another new feature is the SLIDEAT – a modular accessory with easy-installation for gaming tables. This is a pull-out table in which there is a drink holder, a pin-tray and a USB socket to charge a smartphone.

The player can conveniently order a meal or a drink by pressing a button installed on the front of the table. Through a software customized for each casino, an alert will be sent to identify the table and the position of the player to serve.

“This edition of ICE has a special meaning,” Massimo Meneghetti, general manager said.

“We aim to consolidate the brand proposition in the sector and aspire to be a point of reference. In fact, with this fair we have had, and we are confirming the interest that revolves around the TablesWin brand, our products have received very positive comments. A success that stimulates us to aim higher and higher and to run faster and faster.”

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