Monday, June 5, 2023

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Under Pressure: Britain’s landbased casino market continues to contract

Britain, landbased, casino, market, contract
With attendance falling for several years in succession, the UK’s casinos continue to face challenges on a number of fronts, while staffing remains an additional concern amid the ongoing Brexit debacle. As David Bowie and Freddie Mercury once sang, “it’s the terror of knowing what the world is about”, the UK’s landbased casino industry is facing a similar challenge as...

UK under review: Can the casino sector force change?

London Gambling Commission review britain
In the midst of stiff competition from iGaming and the bookies and apathy towards the sector on the part of the government, Great Britain's land-based casino industry faces a challenging 2018.   As 2018 gets underway, Great Britain’s 146 casinos are facing challenges on a number of fronts, amid intense competition from both iGaming and the high street bookmakers, and regulatory...

National Casino Forum advances campaign for updated regulation at government meeting

Ahead of the British government’s Triennial Review of the gambling industry, trade association, the National Casino Forum (NCF) made a case for modernised regulation for UK’s casino sector at a meeting with government officials this September.   The National Casino Forum is calling for a reform of the regulations governing the UK’s 148 casinos. The group says that reforms will allow the...

Will the UK political climate impact London’s casinos?

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How will the UK gambling industry fare in the wake of leaving the EU, the upheaval of a snap general election and the long delayed triennial review?   British gaming revenue hit an all time record of £12.6bn last year showcasing growth within the sector despite increased regulation, taxes and political uncertainty. However, many have concerns how Britain’s gambling industry will fare...