Monday, March 20, 2023

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Zitro’s Link King sees success across LatAm

Zitro, Link King, LatAm, Bryke
Link King, the lead product in Zitro’s Bryke video slots range is achieving unprecedented success in the Mexican market, along with some of the most important markets in Latin America. With hundreds of Link King banks operating already operating in Argentina and Mexico, the first banks of Zitro’s Bryke product will arrive in the coming weeks at casinos in Peru,...

Link King arrives at Regency Entertainment casinos

Link King, Bryke
Zitro has deployed its Bryke video slots in Greece with installations at Thessaloniki and Mont Parnes, both operated by Regency Entertainment. “At the last ICE trade show in London we were struck by the impressive presentation of Zitro’s Bryke products, and we thought that they could be an attractive option to diversify the already complete range of games that Regency...

Bryke increase its presence in Golden Lion casino installing more machines

Zitro has come to an agreement with Mexican operator, Golden Lion Casinos, to provide a large number of machines with new and sensational progressive banks in all of its venues. This will increase the presence of Video Bingo games nationwide and offers a greater diversity of gaming experiences to customers. The venues operated by Golden Lion Casinos were the first...

Palacio de los números installs 94 Bryke machines at its Mexican casinos

With recent news of Zitro’s Video Bingo products soaring in popularity in Mexico, Zitro’s Bryke machines appear to be following a similar trajectory. 

Mexican operator, Palacio de los Números, has confirmed the installation of 94 additional machines in its casinos located at major cities around the country. Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder of Zitro, said: "We are proud to have met...

Bryke adds 250 machines to Big Bola Casinos

Zitro Bryke
The increase in the number of machines of Bryke's product range in Mexico is accelerating with a new delivery of 250 machines for the 16 venues of the renowned Mexican operator, Big Bola Casinos. "These new installments demonstrate the confidence that Big Bola Casinos is placing in our diverse product lines,” said Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder of Zitro, “Our differentiated...

Zitro installs Bryke Video Slots in Mexico

Zitro PlayCity
Mexico-based PlayCity Casino currently operates 16 gaming venues throughout the country. After years of strongly betting on Zitro's successful Video Bingo products, the important operator also trusts the wide range of Bryke Video Slots products, increasing the units installed in its casinos to 316. With this agreement, the firm already has all of Bryke's product lines such as the multi-game...

Zitro’s Link King makes its debut in Mexico

Link King
Spanish global gaming operator Grupo Orenes, has debuted the new progressive multi-game bank Link King, the latest product of Bryke, Zitro’s Video Slots brand. Johnny Ortiz, president and founder of Zitro said the companies had worked together to make this the “best launch of our latest innovation” of its Bryke Video Slots product range. “After witnessing the impeccable performance of Bryke...

Zitro prepares for ‘incredible’ ICE London

blazing pearls zitro
The Luxembourg-based video bingo provider, Zitro, claims it is anticipating an ‘incredible’ ICE show this year with tons of novelties and spectacular innovations on display.   World leading Video Bingo games will feature prominently on Zitro’s booth. Bryke is consolidating as one of the top Video Slot brands in the gaming industry, thanks to products like the beautiful progressive bank Blazing...

Zitro’s Bryke shows off new cabinets in video

bryke video
Bryke, the video slots brand from Zitro, has released a video highlighting the characteristics of its new cabinets Fusion Up Right 23/23 and Fusion Slant 27/27.   In this visual documentary, Bryke showcases the performance of Fusion which, with innovative technology and a conception for the player and the casino, is the ideal platform for the multigame Pick & Win, Spin...