Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Protestors call for reopening Casino di Campione a year after closure

Casino di Campione
Marking a year since the closure of Casino di Campione, former members of staff and local politicians took to the streets of the Italian..

Workers hope for possibility of Casinò di Campione reopening

Casinò di Campione, reopening, Workers, italy
The impact of the bankruptcy and court-ordered closure of Casinò di Campione - Europe’s oldest casino - continues to make itself felt in the Italian exclave of Campione d’Italia. In July last year, the Como court ordered the casino closed while prosecutors investigate financial mismanagement. “The town is collapsing. The little bars, pizzerias and stores are all in deep trouble,” said...

Court declares Casino di Campione bankrupt

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A tribunal has ruled that Casino de Campione d’Italia is bankrupt, the decision came after a restructuring plan presented by the casino’s management and the municipal authorities was rejected. In late July, the casino’s manager, Marco Ambrosini, requested that the court suspend its judgement until September, but this proposal was dismissed by judges. The casino - the largest in Europe -...