Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Catalan government confirms purchase of land for Hard Rock Entertainment World

Catalan governmetn land purchase for Hard Rock
In an attempt to expedite the Hard Rock Entertainment World integrated resort project which has been dogged by delays, the government of Catalonia has..

Catalan government signs-off on Hard Rock Entertainment World project

Hard Rock International has been given the go ahead to move forward with its E2bn integrated resort project in Tarragona province. Catalonia’s government has given Hard Rock International the green light to proceed with its integrated resort project in the autonomous community. In late May, the official gazette of the Catalan Ministry of Economy and Finance announced that it had granted...

Hard Rock Entertainment World in irons amid Catalan political deadlock

While the unstable political situation in Catalonia is causing headaches for investors in the region, Hard Rock International remains committed to developing its €2bn integrated resort project. The lack of political certainty in Catalonia has cast doubt on the prospects for Hard Rock International’s €2bn integrated resort project in Tarragona province. The autonomous community’s ex-president Carles Puigdemont and several of his...