Friday, February 23, 2024


“There are threats and opportunities for tribes and our industry that call for tribal unity”

CNIGA James Siva
Speaking at the Western Indian Gaming Conference this February, CNIGA’s recently elected chairman, James Siva, gave the association’s annual state of the nations address and discussed its endorsement of the tribal initiative to legalise sports wagering.

“Contribution of Indian gaming to California is nothing short of spectacular”

CNIGA Steve Stallings Indian Gaming
Speaking at the Western Indian Gaming Conference, CNIGA chairman Steve Stallings delivered his fourth, and final, State of the Tribal Nations Address..

Futureproofing California’s tribal gaming enterprises

Casino Review - California Tribal Gaming
Speaking at the 22nd Annual Western Indian Gaming Conference at the Morongo Resort, California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) Chairman Steve Stallings, discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the state’s $7.9bn tribal gaming sector in a “State of the Industry” address.   It has been a good year and a great ride for our gaming enterprises. We have expanded into related...