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Slovenian Sports Betting Lottery Specifies CPI on All New Betting Terminals

Slovenia sport betting CPI
Superior product performance and after-sales support were key factors in the decision to specify CPI for both coin and note validation.

CPI to showcase market-leading solutions at BEGE

cpi bege
Crane Payment Innovations is pleased to announce its participation at the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition (BEGE) on 20 and 21 November in Sofia. At this year's BEGE CPI will demonstrate the latest and greatest innovations from its cash and cashless solution portfolios. As players demand greater flexibility and the gaming market evolves to meet the trend, CPI is positioned to...

CPI presents the future of payment at G2E

Crane payment innovations g2e
Crane Payment Innovations brought its latest and greatest developments in payment technologies to the recent G2E show in Las Vegas Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) made full use of the G2E Las Vegas show to present its latest technology for both cash and cashless payment. The SC Advance took centre stage alongside the Easitrax Connect platform, in addition to the all-in-one cashless...

New Holland casino to open with complete CPI

crane payments cpi
Crane Payment Innovations has announced that a new Holland Casino establishment in Amsterdam-West will soon open with CPI banknote validators and the EASITRAX smart cashbox system.     The goal to open a new operation with proven products and an efficient cash management process is what ultimately led Holland Casino management to specify CPI. While their team has already been...

CPI chosen for Casinos Austria International opening in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Casino Schaanwald cpi
Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) has been selected as the preferred banknote validator supplier for Casino Schaanwald, Casinos Austria International’s first venture into Liechtenstein.   The casino, which held its grand opening on 25 October 2017, utilises SC Advance banknote validators across its slot floor. The CAI management at Casino Schaanwald places utmost focus on innovation to give their customers the best possible service. As...

CPI’s roadmap for the future of payment solutions

With cashless legislation being discussed in regulatory jurisdictions around the world, Crane Payment Innovations has continued a heavy investment in connectivity during 2017 - a commitment that will be visualised with an entire section of the company’s G2E stand.   The year so far has been a transformational one for cash-handling manufacturer Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), with the company looking ahead...

Casino de la Vallee signs long-term partnership with CPI

SC Advance
Casino de la Vallee has signed a long-term Preferred Partnership Agreement with CPI, under which the Italian operator will continue to specify the SC Advance note acceptor for all its new and replacement slot machines. Also known as Casino Saint Vincent, Casino de la Vallee, first began using SC note acceptors from CPI back in June 2008. “Our previous note acceptors...

CPI makes tracks to Peru for PGS 2017

ICR - CPI Peru Gaming Show PGS
CPI will be exhibiting the SC Advance note acceptor and Easitrax Web cash management solution for the Peruvian and wider Latin American market for the 15th edition of the Peru Gaming Show (PGS).   The company prides itself on working in partnership with its customers to enhance its portfolio of high-quality payment solutions - from coin and bill processing to cashless...

Malta’s Tumas Group signs long-term contract with CPI

ICR - Patrick Demanuele, COO of the Tumas Group
The Tumas Group has confirmed its long-term commitment to CPI’s SC Advance note acceptor with the signing of a Preferred Partnership Agreement.   Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, has announced that the Tumas Group in Malta has pledged its long-term allegiance to the SC Advance note acceptor by signing a Preferred Supplier Agreement. Under this agreement, SC Advance will...

CPI and Crane Merchandising launch Crane Connectivity Solutions

ICR - Crane Connectivity Solutions CPI
CPI and Crane Merchandising have announced a joint venture between the two brands to launch a new technology company, Crane Connectivity Solutions (CCS).   Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, announces a new business platform has been added to Crane’s Payment and Merchandising Technologies portfolio: Crane Connectivity Solutions (CCS). The company claims that by synthesizing the cashless heritages of its...

It’s WINWIN for CPI’s SC Advance in Austria

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) has signed a long-term preferred partnership agreement to supply its SC Advance acceptor to WINWIN across Austria.   CPI, a Crane Co. Company, has confirmed strong performance for its SC Advance note acceptor following the signing of a new deal with WINWIN in which the company will specify the product in all its video lottery terminals (VLTs)...

JCM Global tees off 19th AGEM/AGA Golf Classic

Betting Business - JCM AGEM/AGA Golf Classic
The 19th Annual AGEM/AGA Golf Classic presented by JCM Global will commence on April 25 in Cascata, Nevada raising money for NCRG.   JCM Global’s AGEM/AGA Golf Classic will take place on the Cascata course in Boulder City, Nevada with nearly 150 players set to participate. The tournament, which has become known as an “unofficial holiday in the gaming industry” – will...

CPI showcase Easitrax after strong year in Europe and beyond

Casino Review - CPI Easitrax Europe
The updated Easitrax cash management system from CPI took centre stage on the company’s stand at ICE following positive sales in Europe in 2016   Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) displayed its SC Advance bill acceptor and an updated EASITRAX cash management system at ICE following strong sales throughout Europe last year. Katherine Cotter, marketing manager at CPI, explained how EASITRAX helps casinos...

CPI continues program of empowering its customers

Casino Review - CPI continues program of empowering its customers
Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) will showcase “the most comprehensive portfolio of automated payment systems in the gaming industry” for ICE 2017. Among the products on display will be the new SCR Advance note recycler and the EASITRAX Web cash management solution, which now offers a new Maintenance Alerts feature. SCR Advance is an evolution from the original two-denomination SCR note recycler. ...

Erron signs three year deal with CPI

Casino Review - Erron signs three year deal with CPI
Erron Factory bvba (Erron), a Belgium-based producer of electronic gaming machines, has signed a three-year preferred supplier agreement with Crane Payment Innovations (CPI). Under the agreement, Erron will specify the SC Advance note acceptor on all new and existing games, while also transitioning to CPI as its default supplier for all coin-handling products. “We’ve relied on CPI products on an ad...

CPI outline brand’s global ambitions at BEGE

Casino Review, CPI, BEGE, Slava Bavlovnev
CPI were at BEGE with their first stand since 2010 - a return sparked by the increased popularity of the show, as well as an upturn in the regional market. And the visit was one they were looking forward to as Slava Bavlovnev of Crane Payment Innovation explained: “This is the first year we are taking a bigger part in...

CPI intent on delivering the EASI-est of solutions

Casino Review, CPI, Easi Trax,MGS, Bill Murphy,
When it comes to performance and cash data, CPI are confident that the Easi Trax solution is the way to go.   Cash-handling manufacturer Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) is no stranger to the MGS Entertainment Show, and neither is its expo highlight product Easi Trax which seems a mainstay of the Macau marketplace at the moment. With the Parisian and Wynn Palace opening...

Crane Payment Innovations: adding value through acceptance

Casino Review CPI Crane Payment Innovations
Currency acceptance and processing may not be the sexiest of the gaming industry’s sub-sectors, but G2E nevertheless served as an opportunity for Crane Payment Innovation’s president of gaming Eric D. Fisher to hammer home the value of reliable payment systems. “There’s an old BASF commercial which goes – ‘we don’t make the colours, we make the colours brighter,’ and that applies...

Crane Payment Innovations to debut new Easitrax Web feature

CPI Crane Payment Innovations Easitrax
Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) will be exhibiting at G2E with the most comprehensive portfolio of automated payment systems in the gaming industry. Among the products on display in Las Vegas this year will be the Easitrax Web and its new Maintenance Alerts feature. Easitrax Web is a recent software extension of Easitrax Soft Count, an RFID-based cash management system that...

Make the connection: CPI showcases Easitrax Web

CPI Crane Payment Innovations Easitrax Web
Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) took its full range of payment solutions to G2E Asia 2016, with Easitrax Web taking centre stage at the Cotai Expo this year. Easitrax Web leverages the company’s SC note acceptors to help operators drive newfound cash management efficiencies from the slot floor to the back room. The data it collects from SC acceptor heads can...

Advanced solutions from CPI

G2E Asia CPI Payment System
Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) will be exhibiting at G2E Asia with the most comprehensive portfolio of automated payment systems in the gaming industry. Among the products on display will be the MEI SC Advance note acceptor, Easitrax Web and PPM Advance. When used together, these products create a powerful cash management solution that enables newfound efficiencies throughout operations. SC Advance...