Thursday, March 23, 2023

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OKTO: ‘Addressing the digital demographic is essential for the future of retail gaming’

OKTO Filippos Antonopoulos
Filippos Antonopoulos is CEO of OKTO, a company that’s processed £1.5bn of payments, is active in multiple jurisdictions and partners with household brands including Xbox, Vodafone and Sony. Having confirmed partnership agreements with Regal Gaming & Leisure, Inspired Entertainment and Bob Rudd, he explains why engaging with the digital demographic is so vital and expands on his ambitions for and commitments to UK gaming.

SUZOHAPP set for bigger booth at EAG

ICR - SuzoHapp EMA Components
“This year, we have increased our booth size to showcase our complete range of solutions, from individual components to complete cash management systems,” John Vallis, SUZOHAPP UK sales director and vice-president Amusement Sales EMEA, said in the run-up to this year’s EAG expo.   The brand new SCAN COIN ICX Active-9 is expected to take centre stage in the SUZOHAPP stand,...