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EEGS 2019 bringing focus to crucial markets

The Eastern European Gaming Summit will once more provide attendees with the perfect chance to assess the ever-evolving regional market. The 12th Eastern European Gaming Summit is approaching fast and there is no doubt that the latest changes that are sweeping the industry in Eastern and Central European region are drawing massive attention from industry leaders. The 12th edition of EEGS...

Eastern European Gaming Summit – Innovation meets tradition

Eastern European Gaming Summit
The Eleventh edition of EEGS marked a significant start of the new decade for the leading gaming conference in the region. More than 40 speakers debated key topics of the gaming industry last year. This year, the event will occur on 19 - 20 November 2019 at the International Expo Center in Sofia, Bulgaria. Organisers promise greater grandeur, exciting hands-on...

The fusion of new technologies and gaming is the next big thing

Sofia EEGS Gaming summit
The leading conference designed by and for gaming operators and people involved in the gaming and casino industry in the Eastern European region-EEGS will welcome next week in Sofia more than 40 distinguished panellists and speakers, including business leaders, investors, lawyers, technology professionals, entrepreneurs. The 11th edition of the conference is “Fresh, focused, and informative. These are the three words...

Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) 2018

Casino Review EEGS
20-21 Nov 2018 Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

EEGS Masterclass returns to ‘Casino Promotions’ topic

Casino Review Casino Promotions EEGS Gaming Summit
The EEGS Masterclass which is taking place on 21 November, preceding the Eastern European Gaming Summit, will once again live up to its pledge to deliver a combination of in-depth knowledge and practical experience, enabling industry professionals to enhance their skill set.   With a growing reputation generated following its launch in 2008, it will feature industry experts, gaming professionals, representatives...

Newcomers and long-term partners all set for BEGE Expo 2016

Casino Review BEGE Expo
Helping define trends in the Eastern European gaming industry BEGE Expo, the region’s leading exhibition, continues to attract the attention of new companies in the sector as well as maintaining the interest of long-term partners.   Now entering its ninth consecutive year BEGE Expo presents technological developments and highlights new business horizons for the sector, welcoming companies from all over the...

New trends and challenges in focus at EEGS

Casino Review EEGS BEGE Expo
Where is the gaming industry heading? What are the latest trends and regulatory changes in the sector? And how will important political changes, such as Brexit, affect the sector?   If there is a place on the Balkan Peninsula to get in-depth answers to all these and many other important questions, it is the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS). Taking place alongside...