Sunday, April 2, 2023

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Calls continue for casino legalisation in Ecuador

calls continue casino legalisation Ecuador
A group of former casino workers lobbying for the re-legalisation of gaming in Ecuador is looking to bring the mayor of Manta onboard.

Momentum gathering for re-legalisation of casinos in Ecuador

re-legalisation gaming Ecuador
The Association of Former Casinos Workers of Ecuador held a fresh protest in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, against the prohibition of casinos this..

Casinos could return to Ecuador as early as December

Casinos, Ecuador, politics, Santa Elena Province
It has been suggested that casinos could return to Salinas, Ecuador’s largest coastal resort, by December. Speaking to Casino Review, an industry insider who asked not to be named, stated that plans are in works to reintroduce casinos to the resort town in Santa Elena Province by the end of the year. Although it is not clear if this relegalisation...

Casinos could be back on the cards for Ecuador

Salinas, Ecuador
The National Electoral Council of Ecuador (CNE) has confirmed that it will hold a two referendums on allowing casinos, betting shops, and slot parlours in Salinas - the country’s largest coastal resort - in Santa Elena Province and in Bahía de Caráquez in Manabí Province. The move comes following an extensive campaign to gather the necessary signatures to trigger a...

Ecuador moves closer to re-legalising casinos

As part of plans to trigger a referendum on allowing casinos in Bahía de Caráquez in Manabí Province, community group, Together for a Better Sucre, has presented 6,634 signatures to the National Electoral Council of Ecuador (CNE). The CNE approved gathering signatures on the issue on 24 April. A referendum will be triggered if the signatures of 10 percent of...