Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Arkansas rolls dice on casinos

Arkansas, casino
The old adage goes that you should never chase your losses but this has seemingly not been heard much in Arkansas where the public have finally voted to allow casino gaming, albeit at the sixth time of asking. Issue four, a constitutional amendment that authorises up to four casino properties within the borders of the colloquially known “Land of Opportunity”...

UK: hanging in the balance post election

ICR - Comment UK election Warwick Bartlett
After Theresa May’s election gamble spectacularly backfired, businesses in the UK are facing a period of uncertainty, but Warwick Bartlett, CEO and founder of Global Betting & Gaming Consultancy, suggests that a period of political inactivity in the wake of the hung parliament could have a silver lining.   For UK business, the 2017 general election (part 1?) result which produced...