Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Dallmeier provides security for the Gazprom Arena

Dallmeier Gazprom Arena
Dallmeier installed its video security system in record time at the Gazprom Arena, one of its largest stadium projects ever.

FIFA ‘packs’ not gambling says EA boss

Football betting
Electronic Sports’ popular gaming franchise, FIFA, has not only caught the attention of tens of millions of gamers, but after giving gamers control over a virtual version of their favourite club, it has captured the attention of the Belgium and Netherlands national governments. Both governments are now claiming the new game modes are “akin to gambling”. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) allows...

Affiliates must embrace the eSports generation or face extinction argues EiG speaker

EiG Mark McGuinness
Mark McGuinness, co-founder of, a resource for gamers and sports bettors who wish to start betting on eSports, and currently the chief marketing officer of part of Olimp Bookmakers Ltd, has described the forthcoming EiG (30 October – 1 November, Arena Berlin) as an ‘intrinsic part of the i-gaming and land-based gambling industries.' One of the leading industry experts...

UltraPlay pioneer live betting for FIFA Interactive World Cup

ICR - Ultraplay Fifa
The advanced betting provider UltraPlay, has announced that it will provide live betting for the Grand Final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017, running from the 16th to the 18th August in London. The company will offer live betting of the event, which is not currently covered by other providers. Known as the largest gaming tournament in the world, FIFA...