Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Goa’s floating casinos granted six month reprieve

Goa's government has granted a six month extension for casinos operating on Mandovi River, Public Works Department minister Sudin Dhavalikar confirmed in late September. At present, the state is home to six offshore and 10 landbased casinos. The news came one day before the previous six-month extension, granted in April, was due to expire on 30 September. The latest extension...

Goa, going, gone?

With the government dragging out plans to move the floating casinos on the Mandovi river to a new land-based entertainment zone, Edward Lowton asks what's on the cards for Goa’s gaming industry? The attitude of Goa’s government toward its gaming industry presents something of an enigma for the outside observer. While successive administrations have campaigned on an anti-casino platform, their...

Roll out of amended Goa Gambling Act held over

Casino Review, Goa parrikar
New legislation which will see Goa’s six shipboard casinos moored on the Mandovi river moved to a land-based “special entertainment zone” within the next three years has been held over until 2018.   While the state had announced it would reveal its new casino policy in December, but chief minister Manohar Parrikar has since stated that, while the amended Goa Gambling...

On the Beach: Parrikar to take a decision on relocating Goa’s floating casinos by December

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Goa’s sixth casino vessel, Lucky Seven, finally got off the Aguada sandbar while chief minister, Manohar Parrikar, has affirmed he will take a final call on shifting the state's floating casinos before December.   Goa’s Manohar Parrikar-led coalition government approved a six-month extension to the off-shore casinos in the Mandovi River at the end of September. Parrikar told reporters that a policy...

Goa’s casinos granted extension but face fee hike

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Goa's recently elected government has introduced a new annual budget that will see the state’s land-based and floating casinos facing increased fees in 2017.   The latest increase marks the third consecutive year casino fees have been raised, and the fee hike includes both annual recurring and licence transfer fees. The floating casinos in Goa, India’s smallest state, will be required to...