Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Duterte states that executive order unnecessary for Boracay casino ban

ICR - Philippines regulatory asian
President Rodrigo Duterte has asserted that there is no need for him to issue an executive order to ban casinos on the central Philippine resort island of Boracay. The decision contradicts an earlier statement by Justice secretary Menardo Guevarra who had previously suggested that an executive order would be necessary. However, a later news report on 9 November indicated that Guevarra...

Galaxy keen to build in Philippines despite Duterte’s anti-casino campaign

Galaxy Entertainment have maintained interest in developing a Philippines casino, despite a $500m Boracay island venture being dismissed by president Rodrigo Duterte. The proposal, announced in December, fell foul of the president’s desire to allocate Boracay exclusively to Filipino farmers following a six-month environmental rehabilitation, however, Galaxy has expressed a desire to remain in the country. “Galaxy has said they are...