Friday, March 31, 2023

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Irish politicians get craic-ing on new casino legislation

iCR - Irish
Irish lawmakers are hopeful that new gambling legislation will finally be voted on this year after languishing for almost four years.   Discussion regarding updating Ireland’s gambling regulations has been ongoing for over a decade in the Oireachtas but there has been little progress save for the Gambling Control Bill 2013, which has been repeatedly delayed due to what the Irish...

The missing piece of the puzzle in Brazilian gambling regulation

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Dr Witoldo Hendrich Junior, a Rio de Janeiro-based lawyer, university professor and business veteran, argues that given a hostile media, the economic logic behind the legalisation of gambling could be a bitter pill for the Brazilian public to swallow.   Speaking at the EGR Power Latam event in Montevideo this February, I commented that I do not see our congressmen sufficiently...