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Papadopoulos bridges CEO gap for American Gaming Association

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Papadopoulos bridges CEO gap for American gaming Association Stacy Papadopoulos has been named as interim CEO of the American Gaming Association following the resignation of Geoff Freeman in June. The senior VP for industry services at the AGA was appointed by the authority’s selection committee, lead by Penn National Gaming CEO Tim Wilmott, whilst it nominates a successor. “Geoff has built a...

Geoff Freeman to step-down as American Gaming Association CEO

Geoff Freeman
The CEO of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman, will leave his current role in August, just two months after seeing the US Supreme Court overturn a nationwide ban on sports betting. An official announcement released by the AGA stated that Freeman has accepted a similar position with the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Freeman has headed the AGA since 2013 and has...

Clarion underlines GiGse’s role following SCOTUS ruling

Ewa bakun GiGse sports betting SCOTUS ruling five
Clarion Gaming’s Head of Industry Insight and Engagement, Ewa Bakun has welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Murphy vs. National Collegiate Athletic Association case as a key launchpad for the legalisation of sports betting...

AGA’s Freeman responds to tragedy

Geoff Freeman, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association
Geoff Freeman has set the tone as the industry comes together in Las Vegas   Geoff Freeman, President and CEO, American Gaming Association, has taken a characteristically statesmanlike position on the appalling atrocity that took place in Las Vegas and has reverberated around the world. In an open communication to the international gaming industry, Freeman appealed for a unified industry response,...

Galaxy Executive proposes open Hengqin travel

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Speaking at G2E Asia, Francis Lui Yiu Tung, Deputy Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group, expressed his support for the idea of aligning the border policies for Macau and Hengqin, while also stressing the need for Macau’s industry to remain competitive in the face of challenges to its market dominance from lower-tax jurisdictions.   The idea of “borderless” travel between Hengqin and...

Gaming up for grabs as US interests round on Team Trump

Casino Review - Gaming up for grabs as US interests round on Team Trump
With the president-elect gathering the last of his new team in Washington, lobbyists and lawmakers submit their proposals for the future of US gaming law.   Several weeks in to the weird new world of president-elect Donald Trump and top US lobbyists and lawmakers have accelerated their efforts to influence the new administration’s approach to gaming. While a former casino owner...

AGA’s Geoff Freeman to explain the impact of Trump administration at ICC

Casino Review Geoff Freeman ICC
The International Casino Conference (ICC), which opens the ICE VOX programme of learning and networking, will feature keynote addresses from some of the most influential figures in the gaming industry, including Geoff Freeman, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association. Ahead of his appearance at the ICC, which is taking place at London’s Hippodrome Casino on Monday 6th February....

Legalisation of sports betting would write a new chapter in the story of gaming

Casino Review Geoff Freeman
Speaking at this September’s G2E, AGA president and CEO Geoff Freeman highlighted the changing narrative surrounding the US gaming industry, and how the repeal of PASPA could open up new frontiers for the sector.   “First and foremost 2016 has been a pretty consequential year for the gaming industry when it comes to our positioning and the mainstream nature of...

AGA looks to the future following US election

Casino Review Geoff Freeman AGA
CEO of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman, lays out the group’s plans for the future in the wake of the historic presidential election this week.   The American Gaming Association (AGA) has confirmed the areas it will focus on going forward following Tuesday’s historic election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. America’s leading voice of casino gaming will be concentrating on...

US casino industry pushes for sports-betting at G2E

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It wasn’t just promo girls and slot machines at this year’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas – where the US casino trade set its sights squarely on the legalising of sports-betting.   The casino trade’s annual Global Gaming Expo (2016) in Las Vegas may have boasted the year’s  latest and greatest in terms gaming product, but it was the legalisation of...

G2E 2016: Key gaming issues brought to the fore

Casino Review G2E Las Vegas Conference
The upcoming US election, eSports and the unification of the casino gaming industry will be among the key topics of discussion at this year’s G2E.   From the impact of the 2016 election on gaming to the opportunities surrounding eSports in casinos, G2E 2016 will feature robust conversation on the industry’s hottest topics with engaging programmes by the nation’s top experts. As...

ECA underlines AGA partnership ahead of G2E

Casino review ECA
Earlier this year, the European Casino Association (ECA) and the American Gaming Association (AGA) announced a new partnership to tackle illegal gambling. The alliance, according to the associations, marked the first step to addressing and developing specific tools to combat illicit operations on both side of the Atlantic.   Speaking to International Casino Review ahead of this year’s G2E in Las...