Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Brazil’s move towards legalisation continues despite setbacks

Casino Review - Brazil’s move towards legalisation continues despite setbacks
This month has seen fiery debates as both houses of Brazil’s National Congress have continued hammering out legalisation which would legalise the country’s gaming industry, but it now looks unlikely that this will happen before 2017.   December concluded a year of highs and lows for Brazil’s twin gaming bills, as the country’s path towards the legalisation of gambling continues to...

Brazilian government to vote on gambling legislation in August

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The Olympic Games won’t be the only place in Brazil where all eyes are on the finish line this summer, as two competing bills for regulating gambling are set to be debated in both houses of the National Congress in August.   Weathering a crisis that has seen the country’s economy hit a 25-year low, Brazil continues to consider legislation that...