Friday, February 23, 2024

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Hainan moves closer to introducing “entertainment gaming”

Resort operators on Hainan have been in informal discussions with government officials regarding introducing “entertainment gaming”, a cashless form of casino gambling. Media reports suggest that at least five Chinese-owned resorts on the southern island of Hainan are making preparations for the introduction of “entertainment gaming”, essentially a cashless form of casino gambling where players buy in with real money...

Hainan court ruling could open the door for the return of ‘cashless casinos’

In a second bid to draw tourists from the mainland, China’s Hawaii is again being armed with gaming propositions, from sports betting to online lotteries – and the likely return of ‘entertainment gaming.’ Wide scale gambling reforms aimed at stimulating Hainan’s economy could see “cashless casinos” reopen on the island as early as this year. Media outlets focused on a document...

Hainan not poised to threaten Macau according to chief executive

Fernando Chui Sai On, chief executive of Macau, has reassured the Legislative Assembly that Hainan is not in talks to establish a rival gambling industry. Speaking to the assembly on 17 April, Chui stated that the mainland territory, known as the Hawaii of China, does not intend to challenge Macau as a gambling hub. “Regarding lottery business, we’ve not exchanged any...

China considers legalising gambling on Hainan Island

There has been speculation that China is mulling over allowing online gaming, a lottery or sports betting in Hainan following media reports.   Media reports suggest that government agencies are considering allowing online gaming, a lottery or sports betting in Hainan. While the proposal is reportedly still in an early stage, it has been suggested that it could open the door for...