Saturday, March 25, 2023

Tag: Hippodrome

Hippodrome Casino partners Channing Tatum for Magic Mike Live in London

Magic Mike Hippodrome
The Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square, London, has announced it has signed a deal to bring Channing Tatum’s hit Las Vegas show ‘Magic Mike Live’ to the venue from November this year. The deal will see the Hippodrome Casino’s cabaret theatre close for a three-month, multi-million pound refurbishment and re-open for previews on November 10 with a new seating capacity of...

Hippodrome Six-Shoots for the top with Probability Jones

Hippodrome Probability Jones
Probability Jones, the independent UK-based games designer, has completed another important deal with the Hippodrome Casino London to provide its innovative table game Six Shooter. Six Shooter is a unique table dice game where the player takes on the dealer over three rolls of the dice with the pay-out determined by how long it takes the player to eliminate target...