Monday, February 26, 2024

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Ireland moves closer to introducing new gambling regulator

Ireland moves closer to introducing new gambling regulator
The Irish government has published an outline of legislation which will see the creation of a new gambling regulator.

Irish government sets out new regulator’s responsibilities

Irish government regulator responsibilities James Browne
Irish legislators have begun the process of defining the jurisdiction of the country’s new independent gambling regulator, agreed as part of the Interim Gaming and Lotteries Act.

Ireland’s new gambling regulator to launch in 2023

Ireland new gambling regulator 2023 launch
The Irish government has confirmed its new gambling regulator will begin operations in early 2023.   “Good progress has been made in driving this long sought reform on gambling regulation,” said James Browne, minister of state for law reform. “We are targeting some definite milestones in the year ahead including the publication of the General Scheme in Q3 and the appointment...