Friday, March 31, 2023

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Murren sets out vision for MGM Springfield

James Murren MGM
MGM’s CEO, James Murren, has confirmed that the company's new casino in Springfield will employ 3,000 people and provide annual payments of $25m to the city and $60m to local businesses. “I like being able to go into a community and make a difference. Boston’s doing great. I want to help western Massachusetts,” Murren stated, speaking at the Worcester Regional...

Analysis: Could MGM’s triumphant Japanese entry be hampered by debt drag?

Casino Review - MGM Japanese market debt drag
Following a solid year in 2016, will MGM Resort Internationals’ long-term debt prove to be an ongoing challenge for the company going forward?   MGM Resorts International’s total long-term debt stands at $13.1bn and while the company has seen a solid 2016, this is one of the remaining obstacles that it needs to deal with longer term. While MGM has taken steps...