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Andorra’s regulator rejects casino licence award to Jocs SA

Andorra regulator rejects casino licence
The Andorran Gaming Control Board (CRAJ) has once again rejected granting a licence for a casino in the microstate’s capital to local company Jocs SA.

CRAJ suspends casino licence for Jocs SA

CRAJ, suspends, casino licence, Jocs SA
In a last minute u-turn, the Andorran Gaming Control Board (CRAJ) has suspended granting a licence to local company Jocs SA for a casino in the microstate’s capital, Andorra la Vella. In a statement, the regulator confirmed that the decision had been made during a meeting on 30 January, after the CRAJ found “deficiencies” in the proposal presented by Jocs...

Andorran authorities reject operators tender appeal

Andorra, authorities, operators, Jocs SA, Casinos Austria
The authorities in Andorra have rejected an appeal by five major operators against the decision to award the microstate’s sole casino licence to local firm Jocs SA at the end of June. With 100 percent of the capital for the project coming from Andorra, the company plans to build a casino in the capital, Andorra la Vella. Following a review, the...

Five operators appeal Andorran licence tender

The operators have launched individual appeals to challenge the Andorran Gaming Control Board's decision to award Andorran firm Jocs SA the licence for the microstate’s first casino. Five of the operators which participated the tender for Andorra's first casino licence have launched an appeal against the outcome. Andorra-based Jocs SA won the tender to build and operate the principality's first casino,...