Friday, February 23, 2024

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US casinos emerge from the pandemic

US casinos Andrew Klebanow comment
Andrew Klebanow, principal at Klebanow Consulting, discusses how COVID-19 has seen US casinos modify their marketing strategy, with many operators achieving substantially higher net income on lower business volumes

How marketing tactics may change at US casinos

Boulder Station Hotel Casino Andrew Klebanow casino marketing shift
Andrew Klebanow, principal at Klebanow Consulting, looks at how the pandemic has affected US casinos’ approach to marketing, including driving a shift towards digital communications, and discusses how Covid-19 has marked a move towards pursuing quality over quantity in terms of customers.

“Operators will need to assure visitors that their gaming and resort environments are safe”

Cambodia Casino operators
Andrew Klebanow, principal of Klebanow Consulting, discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Cambodia’s casino industry, maps out a potential path for reopening and looks at some of the measures operators could take to attract visitation once they resume operations.